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 A home away from home.

The residence was built to provide a student residence for all the students attending U of S. It's located across the street from the university campus and Health Science Building, just minutes away from classrooms, libraries and all other university facilities.It is a non-alcohol (dry), non-smoking residence which is here to help facilitate your goal in secondary education. We strive to provide a healthy environment for body, mind and spirit through the cooperation of community, residents and staff.We look for students who are looking for an academic residence and ideals with respect to all activities, social and personal relationships. Students will have the opportunity to learn to live in an academic environment and to accept the responsibilities which are part of group living.

  • Residence located just across the street from the University of Saskatchewan campus and Health Science Building

  • Just minutes away from bust terminal, classrooms, libraries, swimming pool and other recreational activities

  • Safe, caring community

  • Security entry system to the building

  • Non-smoking/no-alcohol facility

  • Single or double occupancy furnished rooms

  • Smoke and fire alarms throughout

  • Free internet

  • Direct bus route to downtown

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